Saturday, November 30, 2013

Empty And Full

empty and full at the same time i am.

don't tell me it didn't work out for me and you.
i know that now.
don't worry about how much i cried after you.
sometimes i still do.

i'm empty.i'm full at the same time.

see me as a clown to believe
a man like you would stay here
holding onto a woman like me.
i believed.
and,you see me as a clown today.
that's really okay.

i marry the day you went away.i have to.
my saddness made you great.
you prayed for the next one,so you
could break away the same...the same way.
how many were they anyway?

and now,i'm empty,and i'm full at the same time.
i'm empty and full at the same time today.

Ann Klein

Our Peanut Butter Skin

Peanut Butter Skin Carries Us
Peanut Butter Skin carries a cornflake,
Stone-faced stride, built centuries ago.
Under sweat-stained brine, she moves.

As lightening tells the rain which way to
Fall, now that thunder has found her corset,
tell me:
Where will we go and what shall we do?

Let us all find the point, the moment, the
Quadrant, the space, where we can all relate.
Allow the cornflake, our Peanut Butter Skin,
The blessing she so well deserves for holding us
Here this many years.

As when a man loves a woman from across
The sea, our cornflake skin longs to be reuniting
Everyday with that other half of her heart. Like a
Pirate, who drifts aimlessly in search of nothing
More than a family and good friends,
Our Peanut Butter Skin wants to play again.

Ann Klein


Whisper at my doorway,
And I’ll understand.
Say hello as you close
Your eyes at night, and
I am by your side.
Buy a newspaper tomorrow.
Open up the mysteries of life.
It’s all the same.
I remember the smell of you.
The mysterys in the game.
Watch a foreign movie on TV.
Visit the ballet with your friends.
Somewhere between the beginning
And the end, you’ll hear the
Butterfly in your heart.
Hello. It’s me
Say hello to anybody.
Walk in cool September rains,
Make a masterpiece for
Everyone to see. I will always
Be stepping softly,
But you will not hear me
Wherever you are; whatever
You are doing - it’s okay.
As long as you are happy and safe,
It’s okay with me.

It’s okay with me.
Ann Klein
It's not fun to be alone during the holidays.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tears For Amy

Geraldine scolded Henry today.
It seems he made a decision to stay
Awake enough to call up the love
He had saved for Amy, his one.

Geraldine knew about love.
She had read about it in books
And did have love for a few days
One time.

Henry was insistent upon one
Continual thought – having what
He could not have, which was
Amy at his side day and night.

Amy lied in a pool of blood,
And a knife lay nearby.

Today, anniversary of the day she
Died, the same day he was destroyed,
Geraldine rode in on the tram,
Brought along the boys in the band.

Geraldine knew she’d say kind things,
Lovely words of devotion for her son.
Pictures she would make of sunshine’s
White peaks on the lake.

Instead, cross words were paid
For the tears on Henry’s sad face,
Shrinking the disposition of all
In the room that day.

Frightened by what had happened,
Ashamed for the loss he could not save,
Henry grabbed up the knife, the very same
From Amy’s scene, saved those many weeks.

Geraldine screamed. The boys aggressed.
Henry was saved, but he was a mess.
Now, I can see him across from you.
Hello. We’re both crazy. How ‘bout you?

Ann Klein

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wonderful New Song by Sir Elton John

and Bernie Taupin

Home Again

Produced by T. Bone Burnette

I listened to this on the radio for the first time yesterday. My ears perked. My eyes widened. I thought to myself, "Oh my God! Is that Elton? Oh my God Elton has a new song!!!" I steered the car I was driving into a parking stall right in front of the grocery store and turned that baby up.

Take a few minutes and listen. No. I can't put UTube on my blogspot, because UTube is having some difficulty with Blogger right now. The scrolling capacity malfunctions.

President Barack Obama to meet with Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Announced Today
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will join President Barack Obama for lunch on Monday, the White House Press Office announced Sunday evening.

The noon appointment, which will be held in the President's private dining room, is closed to the press. *

Please, join with me and pray for a meaningful meeting between these two State dignitaries. May their choice of words be meaningful, their intent thought through. May their expressions be forthright. Last, if electable, may Hillary and Barack join together for a united effort to save this country from corruption and greed now and in the coming year, through the election process and through her entire tenure as Head of State.
*HUFF POST Politics, July 29, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Tale Of Mannie Sluu

Through darkness I do go
Trekking where to, I do not know.
See me swathing with forthright absence
Into the very air with lighted
Wax and branch.
Were it any other night,
I would so placidly be home,
Legs propped and spinning
Tales of me ‘n you, but
It’s growing late and I must search
For you, my Mannie Sluu.
Of dread, in dreary mist and sand,
Dear Mannie laid one across
The Captain’s spine, then,
Relented not to pay out with time.
My sweet, sweet warrior, dear
Mannie Sluu, where are you?
If ever you cared to ere with caution,
The townsfolk would seek less judgment,
And I would be home in mine own
Dream. But, alas, I must follow now
After you.
I would like to scream out my extreme
Desire at this point, which is to hasten
Your doom because of the all consuming
Dampness of this place tonight. But, yea,
Certain townsfolk would perhaps hear me
From across this bog. I would be found out,
And so would you. Thus, that would end my
Tempest, but a new one would begin with
The hatred for your captures, your captures and you.

Oh, where are you, my dear Mannie Sluu?
Ann Klein 01.21.07

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

As The Air

As The Air

The air passed o’er, and
Clouds streamed by.
Melodies were made from our
Wedding cake.
We made love to the open sky.
And, in pageants morning and night,
Our dreams all came true.

Ann Klein

Friday, April 5, 2013

The power of tomorrow bound up in the wisdom of today

Friday, March 8, 2013


I'm just a lost danger,
Giving away my
Most precious gift.
And walking toward the fight.

Inside, I knew her then.
Her fingertips caressing
My weary head
Sharpening my steely knife..

I walked out of sight
Never to see her again.
So tired of the chain
Anchored in-between.

We three, us and heaven
Above, circling
We three, us and
The great heavens above
Tangling into
The anchored chain,

And I did not know
How to say hello
To anyone again
In quite the way I did then.

Her absence in my day,
Making me fake
Away the day, tweak
Away my night.

I fight.

Ann Klein

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over 2 Milllion Jobs Could Be Lost

   Unless The United States Congress can put  its kid-leather gloves back on,(stop slapping themselves and each other), close the partition, send the doors men down the street, in a paid by us limo for a cup of coffee and then, finally decide to sign a budget deal worthy of the American people we are all doomed.
I'm going to be angry today. It's  unsettling to see all of the people I know personally, know indirectly and those I pass, while goin' down the road, preparing for the fast and simple cuts my government is about to make in just a few short days.There is no line of demarcation this time.
   Yeah, those nickels and dimes we have been spending, they all go into the pile, the American Economy.
   From the time you we no more than a glistening in your mother's eye, there was some kind of discretionary spending going on. Helping the hungry, the sick, the tired and yes, even the poor, puts cash in your Tootsie Roll jar or into your high end money market accounts, boys and girlscouts.
   May be you enjoy driving to work and seeing young children walking down the street beside a mother at 10:00 in the morning, on a school day, in below zero weather, but I certainly do not entertain the thought very pleasantly.
   May be you would like to sit on a bus at 1:45 PM and listen to a pre-teen ask her daddy, "Can we go home yet?" Believe me, it's not a fun-fun day at the beach. Again, it was winter the day I sat and listened to that golden curly-hair youngster.
It was Iowa. It was Polk County. It was Des Moines. Ya know, school doesn't have session every single day. For example, if it blizzards tonight, schools will be closed. Not every homeless shelter will maintain a full house for 24 hours. I'm not accusing that blessed family of riding around town, waiting for the shelter to open, but it was apparent that the father was being the best man he could be right there as he watched the cars passing him and his daughter alongside.
   Let us not see such strength be an addition problem for public transportation. Not here. Not anyone.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walking Beside

I wish we believed in flowers.
I wish we believed in strong towers.
I wish we believed in kisses by
The hours.

I wish we believed in flowers.
I wish we believed in golden yawns,
And talking at the phone no matter when.

I wish we believed in telling the hours,
By the work we'd done in them.

I wish we believed in flowers.
I wish we believed in strong towers
And dancing near to them.

I wish we all believed in telling the
Hours, by the work we'd done in them.
I wish we could lose
The hours by the love you made with me again.

I wish we believed...
In the flowers.

by moonlitetwine