Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Peanut Butter Skin

Peanut Butter Skin Carries Us
Peanut Butter Skin carries a cornflake,
Stone-faced stride, built centuries ago.
Under sweat-stained brine, she moves.

As lightening tells the rain which way to
Fall, now that thunder has found her corset,
tell me:
Where will we go and what shall we do?

Let us all find the point, the moment, the
Quadrant, the space, where we can all relate.
Allow the cornflake, our Peanut Butter Skin,
The blessing she so well deserves for holding us
Here this many years.

As when a man loves a woman from across
The sea, our cornflake skin longs to be reuniting
Everyday with that other half of her heart. Like a
Pirate, who drifts aimlessly in search of nothing
More than a family and good friends,
Our Peanut Butter Skin wants to play again.

Ann Klein

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