Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tears For Amy

Geraldine scolded Henry today.
It seems he made a decision to stay
Awake enough to call up the love
He had saved for Amy, his one.

Geraldine knew about love.
She had read about it in books
And did have love for a few days
One time.

Henry was insistent upon one
Continual thought – having what
He could not have, which was
Amy at his side day and night.

Amy lied in a pool of blood,
And a knife lay nearby.

Today, anniversary of the day she
Died, the same day he was destroyed,
Geraldine rode in on the tram,
Brought along the boys in the band.

Geraldine knew she’d say kind things,
Lovely words of devotion for her son.
Pictures she would make of sunshine’s
White peaks on the lake.

Instead, cross words were paid
For the tears on Henry’s sad face,
Shrinking the disposition of all
In the room that day.

Frightened by what had happened,
Ashamed for the loss he could not save,
Henry grabbed up the knife, the very same
From Amy’s scene, saved those many weeks.

Geraldine screamed. The boys aggressed.
Henry was saved, but he was a mess.
Now, I can see him across from you.
Hello. We’re both crazy. How ‘bout you?

Ann Klein
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