Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over 2 Milllion Jobs Could Be Lost

   Unless The United States Congress can put  its kid-leather gloves back on,(stop slapping themselves and each other), close the partition, send the doors men down the street, in a paid by us limo for a cup of coffee and then, finally decide to sign a budget deal worthy of the American people we are all doomed.
I'm going to be angry today. It's  unsettling to see all of the people I know personally, know indirectly and those I pass, while goin' down the road, preparing for the fast and simple cuts my government is about to make in just a few short days.There is no line of demarcation this time.
   Yeah, those nickels and dimes we have been spending, they all go into the pile, the American Economy.
   From the time you we no more than a glistening in your mother's eye, there was some kind of discretionary spending going on. Helping the hungry, the sick, the tired and yes, even the poor, puts cash in your Tootsie Roll jar or into your high end money market accounts, boys and girlscouts.
   May be you enjoy driving to work and seeing young children walking down the street beside a mother at 10:00 in the morning, on a school day, in below zero weather, but I certainly do not entertain the thought very pleasantly.
   May be you would like to sit on a bus at 1:45 PM and listen to a pre-teen ask her daddy, "Can we go home yet?" Believe me, it's not a fun-fun day at the beach. Again, it was winter the day I sat and listened to that golden curly-hair youngster.
It was Iowa. It was Polk County. It was Des Moines. Ya know, school doesn't have session every single day. For example, if it blizzards tonight, schools will be closed. Not every homeless shelter will maintain a full house for 24 hours. I'm not accusing that blessed family of riding around town, waiting for the shelter to open, but it was apparent that the father was being the best man he could be right there as he watched the cars passing him and his daughter alongside.
   Let us not see such strength be an addition problem for public transportation. Not here. Not anyone.
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